A poster reportedly revealing the first details of the next big “Destiny” expansion surfaced on Reddit Thursday night. “Rise of Iron” appears to be the title of the new content from Bungie scheduled for September. The image includes wolves and Lord Saladin carrying a flaming battle-ax, which points to a story involving the Iron Lords and the Iron Wolves.

An official confirmation of the next “Destiny” expansion is expected at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June. The Iron Lords were the early defenders of the Last City. The Iron Wolves were an ally in the defense of the Last City, but “Destiny” hasn’t offered many details on the group of Guardians. The wolves could be enough of a hint without spoiling additional information — such as character design — ahead of the official reveal. The Iron Lords are honored in the monthly player-versus-player Iron Banner tournament.

Activision, the game’s publisher, previously announced a “Destiny” expansion would be released in 2016 followed by “Destiny 2” in 2017. After a highly anticipated launch was met with some disappointment due to lack of content, “The Taken King” expansion made “Destiny” one of the best games available for the current generation of consoles and PC. 

“Rise of Iron” is expected to be on par with “The Taken King” in terms of size and scope of content, according to Kotaku. The gaming site, which has been covering the troubled development of “Destiny” and its sequel, had additional details about the future of “Destiny.” “Rise of Iron” is expected to include a raid that was cut from the “House of Wolves” DLC. As for “Destiny 2,” its direction may have been “rebooted,” with the director of “The Taken King,” Luke Smith, taking over its development.

Since the 2014 release of “Destiny,” competition in the multiplayer, online shooter genre has increased dramatically. “Tom Clancy’s The Division” quickly generated a dedicated fan base with its interesting Dark Zone experience. Despite some issues involving glitches and cheating, which Ubisoft seems to have mostly fixed, “The Division” continues to be extremely popular, with free content being released throughout the year and a paid expansion, “Underground,” scheduled for release in June. Blizzard is releasing its own action MOBA, “Overwatch,” on Monday.