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In case you didn't get to see the hotly anticipated alpha for Bungie's upcoming action role-playing game “Destiny,” which closed late Monday night after running over the weekend, here's what you missed.


“The Destiny Alpha ends tonight. The wave of Guardians who have helped pave the way to the Beta will not make the trek,” Bungie said on the game’s official Facebook page.

“The last stragglers are striving for that final Crucible win, or even a parting epic selfie. You will join a long and proud lineage of characters that we have had to part with at Bungie. Those Guardians fought to make the next build better. Thank you for playing.”

The Bellevue, Washington-based developer claimed the extended alpha test was for an improved beta experience, which will launch July 17.


Check out some screenshots from the alpha below.

dest1 Screenshot from "Destiny" alpha. Photo: Courtesy/Bungie

dest2 Screenshot from "Destiny" alpha. Photo: Courtesy/Bungie

dest3 Screenshot from "Destiny" alpha. Photo: Courtesy/Bungie

dest4 Screenshot from "Destiny" alpha. Photo: Courtesy/Bungie

dest5 Screenshot from "Destiny" alpha. Photo: Courtesy/Bungie

Bungie's “Destiny” will take place 700 years in the future in a postapocalyptic setting after a lucrative and successful period of exploration and peace called the Golden Age. The game is set in a universe where humans have inhabited a number of livable planets in the solar system. However, a disastrous event known as “the Collapse” saw the mysterious destruction of these colonies, leaving mankind nearly extinct. When humans attempt to repopulate and recover after the Collapse, aggressive and dangerous alien races are discovered in various towns and cities. Players will have the task of investigating and destroying the aliens before the human race is entirely wiped out.

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