This week's Iron Banner event will be back in “Destiny” and with it comes new gear and weapons like scout and fusion rifles. The event, set for Tuesday, will also bring some Etheric Light into the mix.

However, more importantly, players will experience some changes that came with the update According to developer Bungie, this will be the first time that the changes will take effect in Iron Banner. First and foremost, those with lower ranks will not feel left out in leveling up, as the update will allow a reputation boost in order to catch up with guardians at a higher rank.

The grind is made even easier as Bungie lessens the cost of rewards, so the precious Glimmer can buy more gear and weapons. Etheric Light, however, can only still be purchased by those in ranks 3 and 5. Other changes made to the Iron Banner include the addition of Cauldron and Pantheon to the playlist for all platforms and Exodus Blue for gamers on the PlayStation. Also, Bungie emphasizes the difference and importance of power between players.

Changes Coming With

As players are exploring the contents of House of Wolves, Bungie also hinted at the possible fixes and issues that will be dealt with once Update hits “Destiny.” Among the areas of concern are the following:

-       Errors codes and Crucible disconnects

-       Treasure Keys and farming issues

-       Ammo synthesis that pile up in player inventories

-       Missing Mercury Emblems from inventories

-       Quests, Ships or Shades not being granted by Prison of Elders

-       Encounters with known Prison inmate bosses

More than what’s coming, however, is the fact that Bungie has already delivered judgment on cheaters playing Trials of Osiris. So far, the cheaters are those that have reportedly interrupted the connections of other players. As a result, these players were put on a temporary or permanent timeout from the game.

While cheating in PVP events is not unique to “Destiny,” it has become more pronounced with the introduction of Trials of Osiris. According to Eurogamer, it is one of the most attractive sections of the game, competition-wise, as winning consecutively yields high rewards and an endgame shared only by a few who experience flawless victory.

‘Destiny’ Worked On By Two Studios

Previously, Game Informer spotted a job listing over at Activision and High Moon Studios involving the “Destiny” franchise. The vacancy was reportedly for a Mission Designer, who will be serving as a support in partnering with Bungie when it comes to “Destiny.”

This was confirmed by Bungie, stating that the team has been working with the studio for a while. Whether or not the addition of another team player would mean an additional hand in creating the third expected expansion or in the sequel for “Destiny” remains to be seen.

"Destiny" cheaters spotted (Credit: YouTube/TobiasFrida)