Following the livestream for “Destiny” The Taken King expansion, developer Bungie has confirmed some major changes that will help Guardians on their journey to defeat the Taken army. Among the biggest newly announced changes would be the addition of more space in the vault. Specifically, the space for weapons will be doubled, while the armor vault will see more additional slots.

The changes also extended to the weapons, as Bungie introduced a whole new load of weapons coming with “Destiny” The Taken King. Among these include the Righteous VII and Suros Regime auto rifles and the Objective IV and Ruin Wake machine guns.

Ghost Shells will also now have some interesting stat modifers and perks, Polygon reported. This upgrades the importance of Ghost Shells from being used for mere aesthetic customization to a more major addition that will contribute to Light level average and addition of Glimmer earnings.

In the teaser, Bungie mentioned that factions will play a bigger role this time, and according to reports, the weekly allegiance of Guardians to a specific faction will last the entire period. During this time, players can get the Faction Badge, which will bring rep gains towards the group, but this badge will not be part of the inventory slot count. Factions will also be getting legendary items in their packages, while faction armors will have more perks.

The changes in “Destiny” go beyond just the additions, inventory and gear that Guardians can enjoy. On a more basic, Guardians-based level of change, the developer has previously announced the addition of subclasses for Guardians, in the form of the Nightstalker, the Sunbreaker and the Stormcaller.

Sage Merrill, senior designer for “Destiny,” sat down with Game Informer to talk more about the upcoming subclasses. According to the developer, the three additional subclasses have already been in development as early as the few weeks following the release of “Destiny” last year. It was a way for Bungie to try and find a way to top its Fist of Havoc ability.

What is interesting about the three new subclasses is the introduction of diversity in how they can be utilized in battle. For instance, the benefit of using chaining enemy attacks is dependent on the subclass type that one uses. The different paths and ways of fighting will allow for diversity, enough to invite more Guardians to try out new ways of playing “Destiny.”

“Destiny” The Taken King is set to launch on Sept. 15 on the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3. There are two more Twitch livestream schedules set to reveal more details on the upcoming expansion. One will be held on Aug.26, while the other is scheduled on Sept. 2.

"Destiny" The Taken King teaser (Credit: YouTube/Bungie)