In a possible response to intense backlash from "Deus Ex" fans, Eidos Montreal announced on its blog and via Twitter that "Deus Ex: The Fall" will also be coming to Android. Eidos Montreal also announced that "Deus Ex: The Fall" will cost $6.99. We're still angry, though. We're confused as well. No Android release date information was included in the blog post.

Why didn't Eidos Montreal announce Android availability in the announcement trailer? The trailer, released this morning, made it sound like "Deus Ex: The Fall" was an iOS-exclusive. So why would Eidos Montreal now do a complete 180 degree turn? We're somewhat pleased to hear that "Deus Ex: The Fall" won't be exclusive to owners of Apple devices, but we still maintain that the game represents a dumbing down of a franchise that traditionally required the players to use their brains as well as their reflexes to excel.

What do you think of "Deus Ex: The Fall?" Are you pacified now that Eidos Montreal announced that it will be available for Android as well as iOS? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.