Eidos Montreal just revealed "Deus Ex: The Fall," and we're pretty steamed. Here's why.

First, "The Fall" is an iOS-only title. Considering that that the "Deus Ex" series originated on PC, we're shocked to see that Eidos Montreal turned its back on both PC and console gamers -- you know, the people that pay the salaries of the people who made the past "Deus Ex" games. At the very least, couldn't they have made it for Android as well? What gives?

Second, "The Fall" seems to scale down the difficulty level to a point where there's no true challenge. There's one quote in particular from the announcement trailer, which you can watch below, that both angers and worries us. The line is uttered by Eidos Montreal Executive Game Designer Jean-Francois Dugas.

"It was really important to us to make the game as simple to play as possible," Dugas said. Translation: "We dumbed down Deus Ex." Great.

Throughout its history, the "Deus Ex" franchise has been one of those few game series that required at least some thought and brainpower from the player. "The Fall" eschews complexity for a simplistic experience with seemingly no true difficulty level, if the gameplay demo in the announcement trailer is any indication.

The announcement trailer shows Dugas tapping on enemies to target them and tapping on them to toss grenades from a concealed spot. Where's the sense of danger for the player? Without a threat, there's no reason to be scared of your pursuers. Without a reason to fear your enemies, what reason is there to be interested in the game at all? This is not the "Deus Ex" I've come to know and love, and it appears as if many other "Deus Ex" fans feel exactly the same way. Here are some comments people left in response to the "The Fall" announcement trailer on Youtube.

Now check out the overwhelming amount of dislikes compared to the paltry amount of likes.


In total, there are 2,137 dislikes to 136 likes. That says a lot. We hope Eidos Montreal is listening, because once "Deus Ex" fans start disgesting this, they'll begin asking whether the next full-blown "Deus Ex" game will follow in the apparently dumbed-down footsteps of "The Fall." That could effect sales of future games. Considering that Eidos Montreal's upcoming "Thief" reboot, another historically thought-provoking series, is reportedly shipping with a "classic mode" that will make the game more difficult, the fact that the same studio took another historically challenging series and seemingly turned down its IQ level puzzles and hurts us.

Watch the announcement trailer for "Deus Ex: The Fall" below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of "Deus Ex: The Fall"? Are you disappointed like we are? Sound off in the comments below.