Eidos Montreal, the developer of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," has officially announced "Deus Ex: The Fall," the next installment in the futuristic first-person shooter role-playing game series.

Yesterday, the company teased "Deus Ex: The Fall" via its official Twitter account, accompanied by a tweet asking "Who is Ben Saxon?" Ben Saxon is a main character in the novel "Deus Ex: Icarus Effect."

In the newest tease, a voice asks "Are we ready to begin" while showing tomorrow's date and "Deus Ex: The Fall"'s logo. No other details are included about the FPSRPG, but more expecting more information to be released tomorrow -- and we can't wait.

Watch the official tease of "Deus Ex: The Fall" below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of "Deus Ex: The Fall?" Do you think it's a full sequel or DLC? Sound off in the comments below.