A new patch for the PC version of “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” is now available, and it comes with new Breach content and features as well as specific changes to the DX12 for an improved gaming experience.

On Monday, the Steam page for “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” was updated with the changelog for the v.18 patch with build code 565.4_P8. Nixxes stated in the post that the new patch is automatically applied to the game the next time the player loads it. For players who are having a difficult time in updating their game, the developer advised that they should restart the Steam client.

The new patch comes with new changes that are divided into two: the Breach update and the DX12 update. The Breach update adds new content and features to the game, including a new UI for avatar customization that now enables players to make in-game changes to the appearance of the Ripper. The Breach update also brings with it a new Overworld map, new maps and Darknet file of the Santeau Corporation and new items such as the Premium Ripper skins and Premium weapon.

DSOGaming reports that the new patch also fixes the issue that causes the game to crash when players try to load their savegame. The patch also remedies the issue wherein players could get stuck in the 1011000 side mission.

As for the DX12 improvements, specific changes indicated in the changelog include the fix for the issue that causes a DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error. Nixxes also specified that with the patch, players can experience less stuttering since it improves performance stability and loading times. However, the DX12 improvements are only available to the DX12_preview branch.

On a final note, Nixxes stated that players who are experiencing difficulties with the new patch could either stick with an older version, or switch to any of the previous versions via the v1.7_551.7 Beta.