A member of the “Dragon Ball FighterZ” team has divulged whether or not they have the intention of bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch. Find out more below.

At E3, a new 2D fighter called “Dragon Ball FighterZ” was introduced. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco won’t be releasing the game for Nintendo’s new gaming machine, the Switch. Or so fans thought.

Over the weekend, French site Game Blog interviewed Tomoko Hiroki, the producer of the newly announced “Dragon Ball” game. Hiroki addressed the rumors claiming that the 2D fighter is not coming to the Nintendo Switch because the console lacks the power or does not have the technical specs to run it.

According to Hiroki, there really isn’t any porting issue that would hinder them from releasing the game on the Switch. She even pointed out that they did not have any trouble porting “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2,” so it’s mostly the same thing if they really intended to bring the “FighterZ” to the hybrid gaming system in the first place.

Hiroki then revealed that they are indeed considering bringing the new game to the Switch, but this would all depend on fan interest. If many fans show interest in having the game on the Switch, then they would be glad to bring it over. However, Hiroki pointed out that it’s very unlikely for the port to launch around the same time as the other versions, Nintendo Everything has learned.

“Dragon Ball FighterZ” Reactions

Based on the attention that the game has been receiving since it was introduced at the E3 press conference last week however, it won’t be surprising if it stirs up enough fan interest. When The Verge got the chance to review the game, it noted that developer Arc System Works “has achieved something special” with this new “DBZ” fighting title.

The news site indicated that the 30-second gameplay trailer felt solid and action-packed because of its doomsday event-style blasts and action sequences. The site added that the art style used for the game made it feel like “the first true video game adaptation of an anime.”

Speaking of how they created the new “Dragon Ball” title during a Twitch livestream, Hiroki said, “I think it’s really easy for people to consume, be an audience for, and spectate.” She then added that what they did is take the good elements in the e-sports space and “Dragon Ball” and merged them together since they are really a perfect match from the get-go.

Hiroki revealed that her team re-created the anime look for the game using 2.5D, which is basically a 3D-rendered game that plays in 2D. This is what made the game’s combat scenes visually entertaining and striking while also maintaining that animated feature look.

Public Beta Testing

As reported by Engadget, “Dragon Ball FighterZ’s” public beta testing will launch this summer. The beta testing program aims to balance the characters and obtain a lot of feedback about its gameplay and other aspects from “Dragon Ball” fans. After the beta testing, six more months or so would be spent in preparing the game for pro-fighters at the start of 2018.

The stripped-down version of the game that was made available to reviewers at E3 only had a six-character pool comprising Goku, Gohan, Freeza, Majin Buu, Perfect Cell and Freeza. For the final game, the developers are planning to come up with a much larger roster. Also, each character will have unique fighting styles and specific strengths.