We’re going to need a bigger broom. The drama in “Devious Maids” has become too much to just sweep under the rug. According to the synopsis for the upcoming Season 3 installment, episode 4 is going to be riddled with more twists and turns as our favorite maids confront new chaos.

Keeping the title “Since You Went Away” in mind, we have a feeling the forthcoming installment of the Lifetime series will heavily focus on the return of Rosie’s (Dania Ramirez) supposedly dead husband. Ernesto (Cristian de la Fuente), who previously told Spence (Grant Show) he was captured by a drug cartel, reunited with his first love in episode 3 -- smack in the middle of Zoila’s (Judy Reyes) and Javier’s (Ivan Hernandez) wedding.

And just like Spence had warned Ernesto (the two met up prior to his wedding crashing), the resurgence of Rosie’s dead husband was too much for the recent hospitalized patient to handle. She fainted at the mere sight of her “great love.” But that didn’t stop Rosie from scolding her new husband for lying to her about Ernesto's return. Now Rosie will be forced to juggle having Ernesto back in her life, the summary teases. Will this put Spence on the back burner?

Rosie and Spence aren’t the only couple experiencing some turbulence in their relationship. Zoila and Javier left off on a sour note after the bride-to-be confessed the baby growing in her belly wasn’t her fiancé’s but her former -- and late -- husband's. Javier left Zoila at the alter, stating he would never be able to trust her again. So, in episode 4 Genevieve (Susan Lucci) will make a heartfelt offer to Zoila.

Meanwhile, Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) will find a way to make Sebastien (Gilles Marini) jealous in the upcoming episode. Any guesses how? Well, let’s just say she’ll capitalize on Adrian’s (Tom Irwin) fetish for pain.

It was also teased in the summary that Michael (Brett Cullen), who was recently revealed to not be slaughtered by Katie, will become suspicious of Taylor (Brianna Brown) in episode 4 -- probably when he realizes his maid has mysteriously stopped showing up for work.

In episode 3 Blanca (Naya Rivera) made it clear to her boss that she wanted to discuss the mental state of his daughter in addition to the “burglary” that took place in his  home. However, Taylor stopped her maid from spilling the beans before quickly making a phone call, which we assume was to the Beverly Hills mass murderer. Next thing viewers know, a person dressed in all black is suffocating Blanca with a bag. Was Blanca murdered by the same person who left a severed leg in the Powell’s garden?

“Devious Maids” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.