Looks like we have a new Season 4 mystery to solve, “Devious Maids” fans.

In episode 7 of the hit Lifetime series it was revealed that Spence (Grant Show) isn’t Tucker’s (Carter Birchwell) biological father. The truth came out after a nurse revealed to Rosie (Daniela Ramirez) that her husband’s blood wasn’t a match for Tucker, who was undergoing surgery.

So, if Spence isn’t Tucker’s birth father, then who is? Well, we think Aunt Shannon (Kathryn LaNasa) may know the answer to that inquiry. When Rosie suggested that Spence donate blood for his son’s operation, Shannon quickly dismissed the idea. And according to the synopsis for episode 8 of the sizzling summer series, Shannon will “make a confession” in the upcoming installment, titled “I Saw The Shine.” Could the confession have something to do with who Tucker’s biological father is?

The reason Tucker’s lineage plays such an important role within Season 4 of “Devious Maids” is because Frances (Stephanie Faracy), the leader of The Circle, revealed in a previous episode that Peri’s (Mariana Klaveno) son is the “key to everything.” And the more audiences know why Tucker is so vital to The Circle, the quicker fans can find out who killed Tucker’s mother and why.

As Rosie inches closer and closer to uncovering the truth, Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) will find herself “caught in the middle of the Powell household.” In episode 7, Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) was advised by her lawyer to return to her Beverly Hills mansion — that way, she could receive a more generous divorce settlement. Carmen helped Evelyn sneak back into the mansion (for a price) but it appears the maid might regret her decision after being tugged at the arms by both Evelyn and Adrian (Tom Irwin) in episode 8.

But Carmen has bigger problems than teetering between the feuding socialites. Dani (Sol Rodriguez) is back in town … and it may have something to do with her father. After Carmen broke up with her barista beau, the disgruntled café worker divulged some eye-widening information about Carmen’s baby daddy to Dani.

“Devious Maids” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.