And another one bites the dust.

During episode 6 of “Devious Maids,” titled “The Maid Who Knew Too Much,” a character from the hit Lifetime series met their untimely fate. But who was killed off during the shocking Season 4 installment? Well, the death left us with our jaws agape and one step closer to finding out who killed Peri (Mariana Klaveno).

The episode kicks off with Kyle (Ryan McPartlin) kicking Zoila (Judy Reyes) out of his window. He doesn’t want his mother (Stephanie Faracy), who is inching up the staircase to his bedroom, knowing that he disobeyed her command and continued to see Zoila behind her back. But Kyle narrowly misses getting scolded as Zoila flies off the roof and into a pile of leaves. Guess we now know the heights Zoila will go for love!

But Zoila is done hiding her romance from Frances. So, she and Adrian (Tom Irwin) come up with a devious plan that will get Frances to catch Zoila and Kyle in the act. She thinks that Kyle is just nervous to break the news to his overprotective mom and that this is the best option for the three of them. But boy is she wrong when Frances walks in on the two in bed. She orders Zoila to leave the house and bans her from ever returning. Kyle goes along with his mother’s twisted punishment as Zoila leaves with her tail between her legs.

After getting yelled at by Frances, Zoila gets a visit from Kyle who explains the reason why his mother is against their romance. “She’s thinks that if we’re dating I’ll be distracted,” he explains. But from what? Before Kyle’s loose lips reveal any more, he catches himself. That’s when Zoila gives him an ultimatum: Stand up to his mother and continue their relationship or lose her forever.

The latter option inspires Kyle to have a conversation with his mom. Frances states that she doesn’t wants Zoila changing her son — and she’s already beginning to see his transformation thanks to her influence. That’s when Kyle gets bold, calling his mom out for fearing Zoila. “You think she’ll lure me away from you and the circle,” he pieces together. “Go to hell, mother.”

Speaking of The Circle, which Rosie (Dania Ramirez) uncovered was a cult in episode 5, Genevieve (Susan Lucci) joins the group with the hopes of helping Rosie solve Peri’s murder and proving Spence’s innocence. But to get into The Circle, Genevieve had to endure a test— one that made her reveal her deepest, darkest secrets (like her age and weight). The initiation was conducted by Genevieve’s hair dresser Fabian (Christopher J. Hanke), who filmed Genevieve’s confession on tape. Rosie then pieces together that The Circle must have Peri’s initiation on tape, too. She theorizes that whatever Peri admitted during her confession may have been the reason she was murdered.

Rosie shares this news with Spence (Grant Show) when she and Tucker (Carter Birchwell) visit him but he has no interest in discussing Peri’s murder. And Spence isn’t the only one who is hoping that Rosie will drop the subject of Peri’s demise. Ben (Carlos Ponce) also wants Rosie to cease her snooping  due to his life being on the line. Frances warned Ben that he needed to prevent Rosie from asking anymore questions with the fate of The Circle depending on it.

Wanting to appease his “mother,” Ben runs Rosie off the road on her way home from the prison as a warning. He believes this will deter her from looking any further into The Circle. But little did Ben know that Tucker was also in the car, a fact he learns while sipping tea with his cult-mom.

“Tucker Westmore is the key to everything,” Frances tells Ben as he chokes on a poisonous drink. “I said not to disappoint me.”

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