“Devious Maids” Season 4 Spoilers
Adrian (Tom Irwin) and Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) discuss Daniela’s (Sol Rodriguez) wild behavior in Season 4, episode 3, of “Devious Maids.” Lifetime

The gloves are coming off! During the Season 4 installment of “Devious Maids,” titled “Another One Wipes the Dust,” fans watched as two friends went head to head — or rather, hair to hair — over a boy.

In episode 3 of the Lifetime series Genevieve (Susan Lucci) proves just how brutal she can be when she gets Marisol (Ana Ortiz) blacklisted from a restaurant. But Peter’s (James Denton) scorned ex-wife takes things one-step further when she has her friends give Marisol a gruesome revenge wax.

Zoila (Judy Reyes) tells Marisol that Genevieve’s behavior doesn’t surprise her — especially because Genevieve still thinks of Peter as the one who got away. According to Zoila, Peter just up and left Genevieve one day without saying a word — a story that worried Marisol if Peter would abruptly end their romance, too.

But before Marisol could concern herself with Pete fleeing, she had to worry about Genevieve seeking vengeance at any given time.

“You’ve got to fight back, Marisol!” Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) urges. “Your coochie is under attack!”

So Marisol does … in the most hurtful way she can think of: Messing with Genevieve’s look. Thanks to Marisol’s connections, she was able to convince a shampoo girl (whose sister had lost her maid gig as a result of one of Genevieve’s revenge plans) to dye her enemy’s hair green.

With ivy-colored locks, Genevieve storms into Marisol’s home, attempting to put an end to their feud. Genevieve then reveals that the reason she’s been vying for Peter’s affection is because she’s lonely — especially with Zoila gone.

“She was my constant,” Genevieve reveals the roots of her issues. But Marisol reassures Genevieve that their friendship just needs a bit of a break before they bounce back.

But it doesn’t look like Zoila will be returning to her life scrubbing floors anytime soon. She’s so enjoying dressup and pretending to be the wealthy woman she’s working for. But Zoila’s plan reaches a bump in the road when Frances (Stephanie Faracy), the mother of her beau Kyle (Brian Hallisay), notices something suspicious about Zoila: She hasn’t invited anyone over for cocktails!

Frances, who audiences learn isn’t interested in her son dating Zoila, then reveals to her new neighbor that she has invited her rich friends over for drinks! This prompts Zoila to hire Carmen and her daughter/cousin Daniela (Sol Rodriguez) as her maids for the night. But their shifts quickly end after a drunk Daniela spills a drink on Frances and refuses to apologize.

“I did you a favor,” Carmen says to Zoila of pretending to be her maid for the night. “And you embarrassed me in front of all of those people.” Carmen then goes on to say that she hardly knows the new, snobbish Zoila. But Zoila replies that the “new” her gets to be happy.

“But the old you was my friend,” Carmen replies.

Although Carmen is upset with Zoila for humiliating her, she’s even more angry with Daniela for unleashing her wild side. Unable to reprimand Daniela due to “not being her mother,” Carmen calls for backup, asking Daniela’s adoptive mother to step in.

Meanwhile the Powells continue their bickering when Adrian (Tom Irwin) shuts down Evelyn’s (Rebecca Wisocky) credit cards and back accounts. He’s hoping that without any money, Evelyn will crawl back to him. But boy, is he mistaken! As it turns out Evelyn would rather move in with Marisol without a cent to her name than continue being married to her conniving husband.

But the main storyline of Season 4 follows the mysterious murder of Peri Westmore (Mariana Klaveno). Fans get one, bloody step closer to finding out who-dun-it when Peri’s sister Shannon (Katherine LaNasa) arrives to the house of her deceased sister and her imprisoned husband, Spence (Grant Show). She reveals that Peri left her the estate and is more enamored by the square footage than the fact that her nephew is in dire need of a hug.

But Shannon’s arrival only becomes more suspicious when fans see Peri’s sister locking lips with Ben (Carlos Ponce). Ben, Spence’s alleged “good friend,” had convinced Spence to confess to the murder of Peri. Is that because he was actually the one who killed Peri and wanted Spence to take the blame? That’s what Rosie also suspects so she goes to find the love of her life an alibi. The alibi, which can be confirmed by a stripper, goes up in smoke when the dancer goes missing at the hands of Ben.

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