Dharun Ravi's sentencing is today, and the whole country will be watching to see how he is punished for criminal charges including invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence.

The sentencing comes two months after the conclusion of Dharun Ravi's month-long trial, at the conclusion of which he was convicted of those and other crimes in connection with his using a webcam to spy on his Rutgers University roommate Tyler Clementi.

Several days after the webcam incident, Clementi killed himself by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge, and the discussion over what Ravi's sentence should be has become a national firestorm.

Some advocates believe that Dharun Ravi engaged in high-level bias intimidation during the incidents leading up to Clementi's death and that he should receive the decades in prison that he faces today.

However, many observers -- including prominent gay-rights advocates like columnist Dan Savage -- say that locking Ravi and others like him up is the wrong way to deal with issues of bullying and anti-gay intimidation as it does not deal with the systemic issues that lead youths to believe that they should act in such a manner.

Prosecutors seem to be somewhere in the middle on the sentencing, saying that he should not receive the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for each of two counts of bias intimidation that he faces today, though maintaining that he does need to be doled out a punishment of some sort for his actions.

If Dharun Ravi is sentenced to more than a year in prison, the federal government will likely try to deport him to India, where he is a citizen, though he has spent most of his life in New Jersey after being born in India. Rallies have cropped up in recent days by supporters of Ravi who believe he should not receive a harsh sentence as they believe he should not be held solely to blame for a suicide that likely arose out of a combination of factors and incidents. They also maintain that he did not hate homosexuals, and that a series of Internet messages that seem to indicate that he may have been biased against them were taken out of context and were just the juvenile discussions of an average college student.

But many supporters of Tyler Clementi see it differently, saying that Ravi may not have been the only contributing factor to Clementi's death, but that his allegedly hateful actions were the straw that broke that broke the camel's back and led Clementi to take his own life just three weeks after starting college, and only several weeks after coming out as gay to his parents.

As of Friday it was not known whether Ravi planned to speak at the hearing today, but many statements were slated to be heard by people who were friends of Clementi.

Watch live streaming online video of the Dahrun Ravi sentencing for free below: