Ben Flajnik, the star of this season's The Bachelor, has reportedly been behaving like, well, a bachelor.

Life & Style reports that the 28-year-old winemaker from Sonoma, California has been acting as if he's still single.

Flajnik was spotted at an Oxygen party for the show Jersey Couture on Feb. 2 in New York City and reportedly stayed out until 4 a.m. He was seen partying in the West Village the following night.

He definitely still seems to be acting like a bachelor, a source told the magazine.

The news comes as the show approaches the season finale.  

Bachelor host Chris Harrison recently spoke about Flajnik during a press call and said that the show's star was doing great.

We rarely talk about what's in the magazines or what's in the tabloids and all that, and I rarely get involved in that either because I know the truth - I know what's really going on, Harrison said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Flajnik had an interesting experience on this week's Bachelor episode.

It was revealed that one of the contestants, Casey S., still had unresolved feelings for an old flame. Harrison had her talk to Flajnik, who sent her packing.

Flajnik admitted he could have been a little bit nicer to Casey S. on his blog for He attributed his less-than-stellar attitude to being distraught over sending former contestant Blakely home.

Watching it now I realize I could've been more sympathetic to her, Flajnik wrote of Casey S. She was clearly involved with a guy that wasn't appreciating her but all I could hear was that she was still in love with someone else.

He added that he can't change the way I reacted but I do hope Casey S. finds a man that appreciates her like she deserves.

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