Some viewers are wondering if the candidates were treated fairly during the second presidential debate at Hofstra University.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama were practically at each other’s throats at times during their debate at Hofstra University in New York on Tuesday night.

Candy Crowley of CNN asked each of the candidates to sit down at times and sometimes had to cut them off to get through all the audience questions.

Even though all the questions were supposed to come from the audience, Crowley interjected when  Romney accused Obama of not immediately calling the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, an act of terror. She pointed to the White House transcript of a Rose Garden statement when Obama "did in fact call the attack an act of terror.”

At one point, Romney refused to answer a follow-up question from the moderator.

Crowley said to him, "Let me ask you for a more immediate answer." 

Some viewers called the debate a “fiery and passionate” exchange, but between “Romney vs. Crowley.”

Romney has specifically been called out for his “No, Candy” comment on Twitter:

“'No Candy, I'll talk about what I want to. What do you think you are? A moderator?' #debate,” @JaysonCarr wrote.

“No Candy, lying for Obama won't help him win this election. #townhalldebate #RomneyRyan2012,” @KevinWegner tweeted.

“’Oh no Candy, I had nothing to do with that excellent policy,’"@gregan11 shared.

“No no no Candy don't change the subject. #debate #candykoolaid,” @mshipp posted.

“No Candy, you are wrong. he did NOT call Libya an act of terror. We ALL saw it. You need to be let go too. #HofstraDebate,” @LisainDallas added.

Crowley sometimes struggled to shepherd the candidates when they repeatedly tried to claim more time. At one point she told Romney, “There will be plenty of time [later to answer questions.]”

Another time she just said, “OK, OK, thank you, Governor," and even cut Obama off to say, "we're going to move you along to taxes."

"I understand the stakes here," she said at another point. "I will get run out of town [if the debate doesn't move along]."

Later in the debate Crowley even asked Romney to sit down so she could move on to a new  question.

Some are saying that Crowley gave an extra five minutes to Obama, but Romney later caught up to the president two questions and 15 minutes later.

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