PETA announced Friday that the animal rights group would reveal its latest ad with model Joanna Krupa. 

The photo shows Krupa looking less polished than usual, with a headline, "Fur Trim: Unattractive." The ad goes on to say, "Don't ruin your look with fur trim."

The nonprofit animal rights organization wrote on its official website, "Joanna thinks that wearing fur looks just as foolish as her little extra 'something something' in this ad.

"Whether it came from an animal on a fur farm or one who was trapped in the wild, the fur used for every fur coat, trinket, or bit of trim caused an animal tremendous suffering — and took away a life."

The ad is sure to draw criticism, due to the shock factor. 

Krupa is no stranger to being photographed nude. The 33-year-old has appeared on the covers of numerous men’s magazines in barely there lingerie, such as FHM and Maxim. She also appeared twice on the cover of Playboy.

“There is nothing sexy about wearing something that is so obviously tied to senseless pain and killing,” Krupa told PETA.

Take a look at Joanna Krupa's latest ad at your own discretion. It is certainly a far cry from her 2007 PETA ad.