Did Meek Mill have people from his DreamChaser crew try to approach Drake at his “Summer Sixteen” concert? That’s what one man said who claimed to be part of the rapper’s team.

“I’m letting ya’ll n----- know right now that we’re 100, 200 deep,” one man said on Instagram. “We’re going to press this n--- Drake. He’s disrespectful … I’m letting ya’ll know ... DreamChasers ... ‘DC4’ on its way … This is what we do. This is what I do.”

Then in a second post, another man who claimed to be affiliated with the Philadelphia rapper, said Drake was under heavy police protection, making it difficult to get to him. “You got the police guarding him, and he won't’ come out,” one guy said. “They close the gates, and he won’t come out. They closed the gates out and all of that … The feds are out and everything.”

WARNING: NSFW language in video.

As we previously reported, Drizzy threw some brand new shots at Meek Mill on Sunday, changing some of his lyrics to his songs. In fact, according to NME, he called Meek Mill a disparaging name in the cut “Back To Back.” “That p---- still ain’t did s--- about the other one,” Drake rapped.

Besides the DreamChaser crew posting messages about the Canadian rapper, Meek Mill did as well and he blasted the OVO leader for dodging a confrontation. “When you run out the back door with 12 and use the old man to save you, I’m done,” wrote “DC4” creator. “You had Philadelphia swat with you. I’ma go ahead [and] hang up with these suckas. #Stillrunning.” That message has since been deleted, but it was captured by XXL.

Based on a past incident involving Drake, is it possible that the DreamChaser crew would use violence to settle their beef? Because according to Quentin Miller, Meek Mill and his friends assaulted him inside a sneaker store in Los Angeles.

“They kind of left,” he said in an interview with VladTV in May. “Then one of his mans came back with his phone out like ‘Yo, I need you to go on camera saying you apologize to Meek Mill and everything you said is a lie.’ I was like ‘Nah, man. I’m not doing that s---.’ Mid-conversation, mid-me saying that, just pow, took off on me.”

So far Drake hasn’t responded to Meek Mill’s claims that he ran and had plenty of police protection at his show, but it’s possible that he’ll address it during his next concert stop in North Carolina on August 23.