Jenelle Evans has lived much of her life in front of the cameras ever since she signed on to MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and then continued to “Teen Mom 2,” but the naked photos that were posted on Twitter Tuesday night went a little too far for the 21-year-old starlet.

The troubled mother has been feuding with her former boss James Duffy for a few months, according to Radar Online, and in order to get back at the reality star he posted the nude pictures along with vulgar comments.

“Such a perfect example of a mom!" he tweeted, according to the Hollywood Gossip and he also allegedly wrote on the microblog, “Jenelle, l didn’t have to pay you for sex, you did that free for daddy.”

The X-rated photos were old images, but Duffy apparently decided to post them to hurt Evans and her new husband, Courtland Rogers.

Evans eventually took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to the Twitter tirade Duffy had unleashed on her:

no it’s getting kinda old … I mean that’s all the ammo he’s got?! it’s hurts my loved ones.. That’s what hurts.”

When other Twitter trolls began to share the risqué pictures and repost them to the Twitterverse, Evans pleaded with her followers to report the users who were sharing the intimate images of her body.

“She’s posting my nude pics I’m very upset,” she said, “wtf why can’t anyone leave me alone.”

Unfortunately for Evans the drama doesn’t end there. She had to go to court in Bolivia, N.C., to take care of a cyber-stalking charge filed by her ex-boyfriend Gary Head.

According to the Daily Mail, Evans arrived at the courts with her 26-year-old husband, whom she married last month, wearing a black fur-trimmed puff jacket, jeans and grey boots. The two were affectionate, kissing on the lips each other on the lips, before heading inside of the courthouse.

Despite getting involved in such drama and having nude photos of her spread throughout the Internet because of Twitter, Jenelle Evans still has her Twitter account and is trying to get past the ordeal by posting whatever thought comes into her head.