DigitalGlobe, provider of high resolution imagery and geospatial information products, unveiled its new web-based application program, early Tuesday, during an exhibition in the ongoing Openworld event in San Francisco.

The new web-based application and interface provides a variety of functions to users who wish integrate satellite imagery much information in their work.

The program is especially adept to topographical mapping works, like determining the location of a given place, the height of a house or its value as well as the size of land.

Our company is a data source provider and we work together with our partners who take our data and integrate it into other applications, said Paul Smith a vice president. This program will be sold to other companies like Google.

The firm has two satellites that helps it to run its work quickly and gets its data from aerial photography, and also from partners who provide data from areas that they cannot reach.

Oracle's Openworld event is still going on until Thursday, Nov. 15, and exhibitors from different countries are revealing different technological innovations to its customers.