Dirt 3, a racing game by Codemasters, which was released on May 24, will not have the option of multiplayer gaming until Sony Corporation fixes its online service, said a report by ARS Technica.

The game needs a one-time use code to access the multiplayer features which, in turn, require the store. Although the multiplayer section of the PlayStation Network is operating, the store is still inactive.

When asked if the requirements could be modified owing to the system crash, a spokesperson from Codemasters said a change would require substantial developing time and a patch which would need to go through different access processes. This will make it even a longer process than what Sony actually would take to repair its network and the store, said the spokesperson.

The game, for now, will only provide an offline feature which is just a small part. No time limit has yet been given for accessing the full game as Sony is still working to repair their online gaming network.