Fans of “Dishonored” have something to look forward to in the wake of Bethesda Software announcing “Dishonored 2” for current-gen consoles: The publisher announced a “Definitive Edition” for the first “Dishonored” game. The “Dishonored: Definitive Edition” will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a special discount for PlayStation owners who bought the first game in digital form.

According to Game Informer, “Dishonored: Definitive Edition” will cost $39.99 on the PlayStation Network, but those who purchased the first game on PlayStation 3 will be able to download it for just $19.99. The PSN Store will automatically scan the user’s account to see if he or she had downloaded the first game, and if so it will charge the discounted price.

It also was revealed by Destructoid that Microsoft will do the same thing and sell the game at 50 percent off to those who purchased the Xbox 360 version digitally.

Retail stores will have trade incentives to those who bought physical copies of the game. Gamers should go to their preferred gaming outlet and see what the stores have to offer them.

“Dishonored: Definitive Edition” will come with the usual improvements of these type of games: higher resolution, more detailed character models and all of the “Dishonored” downloadable content like the “Brigmore Witches.” The “Definitive Edition” is slated for an Aug. 25 release, while “Dishonored 2” should come out sometime in 2016.

Dishonored - Cinematic Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)