In an interesting move, the developers of “Disney Infinity 3.0” have released a new paint turf war mini-game called “Squid Wars,” which is clearly influenced by the success of “Splatoon.” Both games have players trying to paint the most scenery in the game under a time limit, though “Squid Wars” is limited to four players, while “Splatoon” can have up to eight.

“Squid Wars” obviously does not have as much content as “Splatoon,” since it is just a mini-game. Players are limited to using only one weapon, and those hoping that the mode would also let them turn into a giant squid will be disappointed, though they can always play as Davey Jones from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The mode was announced on the official “Disney Infinity” Twitter, where the developers encouraged fans to download it and submit their own toy boxes. “Squid Wars” joins other mini-games like “Speedway Toy Box” and “Toy Box Takeover,” which are a kart racer and dungeon crawler, respectively.

Considering how the other mini-games in “Disney Infinity 3.0” are based on other game genres, the inclusion of “Squid Wars” is not too surprising. It could be argued that “Speedway Toy Box” is based on the “Mario Kart” games, though there have been a number of kart racing games since the original “Mario Kart.”

Kotaku finds the attempt humorous, considering how bare bones the mini-game is compared with “Splatoon.” Not making things any better is the music, which only plays “Gitchy Gitchy Goo Means That I Love You” from the Disney Channel show “Phineas and Ferb.”

While the mode might be a bit controversial, the main game seems to be a big hit with gamers. “Disney Infinity 3.0” has gained positive reviews since its release, thanks to the inclusion of “Star Wars” characters and the expansion of the Toy Box mode.

“Disney Infinity 3.0” is available now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U and PC. Those who own the game can now download “Squid Wars” and try the mode for themselves. Fans can also expect more figurines this fall, to increase the replayability of the game. 

New Toy Boxes: Mickey and Squid Wars - Toy Box TV - Ep. 85 (Credit: YouTube/Disney Infinity)