While Disneyland is meant to be a place where dreams come true, one man had his worst nightmare after getting pepper sprayed in a drunken brawl with security.

Glenn Horlacher, a 53-year-old man, uttered obscenities, kicked and punched a member of Disney staff, against the backdrop of The Tower of Terror at California Adventure.

The incident occurred on Saturday and a four-minute recording of the fight went viral on YouTube by Monday. F-k you, Horlacher shouts at security before being sprayed in the face with pepper-spray.

Horlacher goes on to punch the security worker in the face before falling to the floor. As he continues to curse, a woman is heard on the video shouting, What are you, Drunk? Disgusting.

Another woman is heard shouting, You're in Disneyland, and there are kids here. Time to go home, sir

Some bystanders, who can't be seen in the video, sounded terrified as they are heard yelling for help. Some guests mocked the man saying, Look who's now whimpering like a little baby.

It was not long before police arrived at the scene, at which point Hotrlacher was held to the ground by guests. Let me up, I promise I won't do anything else, Horlacher mumbles.

Look, the guy is covered in blood, another guest is heard shouting, but there are no traces of blood on the video.

One of the security guards involved in the incident was treated for minor injuries at a hospital, according to Suzi Brown, a spokeswoman for Disneyland. We appreciate the action of the guests who came to his aid during this uncharacteristic incident, she said, CBS News reported.

Horlacher was arrested and released on citation, according to KABC News.

WARNING: The video contains strong language and violent scenes.