After a successful launch in March, "The Division" hit a rough patch shortly after the first big update to the game was rolled out Tuesday. Players losing their characters, missing Daily Challenge mode and other bugs hindered the release of the first new downloadable content for "The Division." In what could be considered a case of good news/bad news, the new incursion also has a loot farm, which could give high-level players an edge when battling it out in the Dark Zone.

The "Division" subReddit has been abuzz for many reasons following the Incursions update, with the latest controversy being a Falcon Lost loot farm. This is not the first "Division" loot farm, an exploit where players can gain an advantage without little effort. The first instance of loot farming involved the Bullet King, a named enemy that could be killed multiple times for Phoenix Credits, which unlock powerful blueprints, along with Superior or High End gear. Ubisoft was quick to address the exploit in March, but players found a new loophole in the Incursions update.

The Falcon Lost loot-farming exploit requires four players whose characters have skill power of at least 36,000. The Falcon Lost mission must be on the Challenging setting. Run past the NPCs and climb up to the doors leading to the main arena. Players must figure out how to glitch through the wall without triggering the first wave of enemies. This causes a glitch where the armored vehicle and other enemies don't shoot at the players. From there it's a matter of just blowing up the vehicle, having three members of the group exit the game after the Gear Set items drop and then reconnect to the game. If successful, the players who exited have one Gear Set item with a Gear Score of 240 and 40 Phoenix Credits. Every player can then pick up the dropped Gear Set with a Gear Score of 215. This can be repeated multiple times, which can give these players a huge advantage considering these items are among the best gear available in the game. Phoenix Credits are hard to get and Gear Score unlocks more difficult challenges.

The powerful loot also puts players who did not exploit the latest "The Division" loot farm at a disadvantage against these players in the multiplayer Dark Zone. Even when Ubisoft creates a patch to fix the exploit, the players who farmed the loot keep their gear while other players will have to acquire the same gear through more difficult missions. Ubisoft has not addressed the exploit, but it could be patched during the next scheduled server downtime.