"Tom Clancy's The Division" received its first big update Tuesday. Players were promised a new squad-based mission, improvements to the Dark Zone and a Gear Score system that lets players advance beyond the level 30 limit. Unfortunately for a few Xbox One users, their character was nowhere to be found. Presumed deleted or wiped from existence, players were worried that up to hundreds of hours were lost in character progression. Luckily, Ubisoft announced Wednesday the missing characters will be restored to players.

Players took to Reddit to voice their frustrations. One user described spending over 200 hours playing "The Division" only to turn on the Xbox One and be greeted by an empty space where the character should have been. The problem was mostly limited to Xbox One users although there were a few reports of the problem on the PS4 and PC. "I loaded the game to the character select screen, picked my guy and hit continue game. Loaded about half way then crashed and gave me a Delta error," one user explained.

Massive Entertainment, the game's developer, responded to the thread on "The Division" subReddit. Ubisoft acknowledged the issue on Twitter stating it was investigating the issue late Tuesday.

The source of the problem turned out to be a faulty server, according Yannick Banchereau, community developer for Ubisoft. In a forum update posted Wednesday, a server corrupted the character data when it did not synchronize properly during Tuesday's update. The server was restored along with the character data. All of the missing characters have not been deleted, but Ubisoft will need to implement another fix during scheduled server downtime in order to return a character to the player.

"We will need to restore the latest uncorrupted save of your entire account, which happened during the server maintenance of April 12. In other words, your character will be back just as you left it on April 12 at 9am CEST, 3 a.m. EDT,  12 a.m. PDT," wrote Banchereau.

Any progress of other characters from the same account will be lost as a result of the restoration process.