Major key: Show up for court when you're supposed to.

Snapchat king DJ Khaled’s next story almost featured him in handcuffs. A judge in Miami issued a bench warrant Tuesday after the famous music producer didn't appear in court for a boating citation as scheduled, the Miami Herald reported. When Khaled didn’t show, Judge William Altfield upped his charge to a misdemeanor for failing to appear on a noncriminal boat violation. Altfield later had to vacate the warrant due to paperwork issues, according to the Herald.

A spokeswoman with the Dade County Courthouse confirmed to International Business Times that the warrant was "no longer in effect because the defendant had not been served with the new information," referring to the misdemeanor charge. Miami-Dade County records showed Khaled's next hearing was set for May 17 at 9 a.m. EDT.

Khaled, real name Khaled Mohamed Khaled, has become a star on the social media app Snapchat in recent months. He films himself living in Miami, watering his plants, going on tour, shopping for sneakers, watching basketball, eating vegan food and jet-skiing to his friends' homes. In the past, Khaled has put up multiple videos of himself getting pulled over on the water, accompanied by police car emoji and the comment "smh," texting shorthand for "shaking my head."

The violation he was due to appear for Tuesday was filed on Feb. 10.

Khaled went viral in December after getting lost at sea — and Snapchatting the entire time. He'd jet-skied over to his pal Rick Ross' house and couldn't find his way back after dark. "We don’t know where the hell we are at, but the key is to make it. The key is to never give up," Us Magazine reported he said in one clip. He added, "The key is not to drive your Jet Ski in the dark. This is against the law. Not even just that. This ain’t right."

The DJ announced last week he's going on tour with Beyoncé. On Tuesday, he was tweeting — and snapping — about Florida rapper Kent Jones' song "Don't Mind" being available on iTunes.