DJ Quik wants credit for recording YG’s song “My N----,” or he’ll get his lawyers involved.That’s what he communicated to the “Still Brazy” rapper, as well as his management team, Stampeded Management.

“Ya’ll had me engineer and record ‘My N----’ for @YG and did not give me credit,” wrote DJ Quik in a now deleted tweet captured by The Boombox. “My lawyer has you [in] his sights. You’ve f----- up.”

The 46 year old also seemed to issue a physical threat to YG and brought up Snoop Dogg’s name, since he’s represented by Stampede Management too.

“@Stampedemgmet, @SnoopDogg, arent’ you all the same company? Asked DJ Quik. “This will be in the press in the morning, a--h---- … Ya’ll not the truth.”

In addition, the West Coast producer said he didn’t get credit for working on the song “My Hitta,” which features YG, Rich Homie Quan and Jeezy. Plus, he threw a shot at Def Jam, YG’s record label.

“@YG, @Jeezy, shoot me my engineering credits for stemming and recording vocals on your platinum song ‘My Hitta’ or whatever you call it,” he tweeted. “Shoot my platinum plaque to DJ Quik. I’ll wait … There’s some fugazi on the West with my plaque for ‘My Hitta.’ My wall is missing an award.”

This isn’t the first time DJ Quik called out one of today’s more popular rappers. In April he dissed Kanye West and said he’s more of a celebrity than a top notch musician these days.

“His celebrity supersedes his talent right now,” he said on Noah TV.

Then on an episode of TMZ, DJ Quik reiterated his stance on West and said his music has lacked quality as of late.

“This is just a challenge,” he said about the rapper’s latest album “The Life of Pablo.” “This is the music business. We love good music and just lately, you know, his music hasn’t been lighting my fire, and I’m a fan … I expected something better with all the hype that was behind it … Whatever the backlash is, I’m just being honest. I gotta be true to myself.”

In regards to his issue with YG, the 26-year-old has already responded to the veteran producer via Twitter, and he did it rather harshly.

“F-- the police,” he wrote, seemingly blasting DJ Quik for threatening to sue.

From here, we’ll have to see if this matter will be resolved in the courtroom, online or in the streets. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see how Snoop Dogg and Jeezy will respond since they were mentioned too.