Rumors have swirled regarding the spat between Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnet and New York Knick Carmelo Anthony, but Boston head coach Doc Rivers may have put all that to bed Thursday.

Rivers reportedly told Boston radio station WEEI that he has heard the numerous reports that stated Garnett told Anthony that his wife LaLa “tasted like Honey Nut Cherrios”, but that his start forward never uttered those words.

"Well, number one, I know what's been reported did not happen," Rivers said. "I know that as a fact."

Rivers went on to say: "Guys, you know how this works. A guy does something crazy like Carmelo did, and the way to get out of trouble is to say, 'Well, he said this.' It happens all the time, and, what bugs me about this whole thing is this is not a Kevin Garnett issue. And it was made into one, and it shouldn't have been made into one."

Whatever was said sent Anthony into a rage Monday night during the Knicks 102-96 loss at Madison Square Garden, and both players were hit with technical fouls after their constant jawing and physical play.

Garnett’s history of trash talking and swearing on the court has been well documented, which may have fueled speculation that he really did bring Anthony’s personal life onto the court.

The 36-year-old and probable Hall Of Famer, was accused of calling NBA player Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient, and several teams asked the league office to have Garnett tone down his constant swearing during games.

Anthony may have taken things too far after standing outside the Celtics team bus after the game Monday, which prompted a one-game suspension by the league office.

To date, the comments may have lit a fire in Carmelo Anthony due to his rumored estrangement from his wife. LaLa Anthony has reportedly been living in Los Angeles, working on her reality TV projects.

The two players have apparently talked since the incident, but Rivers, regarded as a players coach, may have wanted to clear Garnett of any wrong doing.