The cult-classic BBC series "Doctor Who" has released the first trailer for the show's upcoming series 7. The trailer is full of action, excitement and clues about the exits of companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, but it's also full of spoilers, so beware.

"So, exactly how much trouble are we in?" asks the Doctor's longtime companion, Rory Williams, at the start of the trailer. If these 90 seconds are any indication, they're in for a lot of it across the upcoming series.

The trailer promises a host of exciting events for the Doctor, most notably (in his own words): "Dinosaurs. On a spaceship." The trailer also showcases a Wild West setting, a cyborg bounty hunter, a planet exploding, and other instances of action and adventure.

Series 7 of the popular science-fiction show is set to introduce a new companion for the doctor after Pond (Karen Gillan) and Williams (Arthur Darvil) leave the show. However, fans may not be too pleased with the way Pond ends up exits.

At the beginning of the trailer, viewers see the Doctor and his companions surrounded by thousands of Daleks. After showing scenes from other episodes of the series, the trailer cuts back to the aftermath of that first scene, as the Doctor clutches an unconscious (or possibly dead) Pond in his arms.

"Who killed all the Daleks?" asks Rory, surrounded by burned and dead bodies of the Doctor's most iconic foe.

 A visibly enraged Doctor replies, "Who do you think?"

Whether or not Pond lives or dies, she is set to be replaced by a new companion, played by British actress Jenna-Louise Coleman. No other details about her role are known, so feel free to speculate away.