“Doctor Who” fans have to adjust to a different man in the leading role every few years. However, David Tennant is returning to his role as the famous Time Lord -- but not on television. Peter Capaldi is the current Doctor in Season 9 of the BBC America TV show, but fans can experience new adventures with old Doctors with audio plays. Tennant is reuniting with Catherine Tate, who played his companion Donna Noble, for a series of audio dramas.

The actors will star in three dramas produced by Big Finish, Vulture reported. All three plays in the “Doctor Who -- Tenth Doctor Adventures” series, titled “Technophobia,” “Time Reaver” and “Death and the Queen,” will be released in May 2016.

In a promotional video from Big Finish, Tennant and Tate sing each other’s praises. “I love Catherine for what she is most famous for which is, of course, being funny and brilliant and witty and quick,” Tennant said of the former “The Office” actress. “But I also love the fact that she is a great and proper actress.”

Tate, who stayed in the TARDIS throughout Season 4, emphasized what a great performer Tennant is. “David embodied the part of the Doctor and made it his own because he does [have] a mercurial mind,” she explained. “And he had that facility as an actor to turn on a penny, and he really can draw you in. He can pull you in, push you away, make you laugh, make you cry. He can do all of those brilliant things.”

According to the credits for the video, the “Doctor Who” actors were interviewed by another one of their co-workers, Nick Briggs, who voices the Daleks and is a co-executive producer for Big Finish.

Watch the video below:

Tate left Doctor who in 2010 and has continued to work in comedy on shows like “The Office” and “Big School." She has also appeared in several plays on the West End.

Tennant was the 10th Doctor from 2005 to 2010, but he returned briefly for the “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary in 2013. The Scottish actor is about to star in another sci-fi show, “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” where he’ll portray the evil Zebediah Killgrave. However, he seems to be in the recording booth quite a lot. Entertainment Weekly reported he is also starring in the audiobook of J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Carmilla” alongside “Game of Thrones” actress Rose Leslie.