“Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” share Steven Moffat as a showrunner, but it seems one actor would like to call both sets home as well. Amanda Abbington plays Mary on Moffat’s interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved tale, but she’d like to hop in the TARDIS.

“Yeah, I'm still trying to get in there,” she told the Independent when asked about being a guest star on BBC America's time travel show. “You'd think I would with Steven Moffat as my mate, but yes, I'd love to be in ‘Doctor Who’ – he's got to put me in it.”

However, it seems Abbington doesn’t just want to be a on the show. She wants to be the star. “He probably wants me to be the first female Doctor, that's what I imagine, that's why he's holding back,” Abbington said. “And wouldn't that cause problems!”

Fans shouldn’t get excited about a female doctor just yet. It seems like Abbington was probably joking, but the 41-year-old isn’t the first actress to recently talk about taking on the famous role. “Marvel’s Agent Carter” star Hayley Atwell made a similar comment in August when asked about being on the show.

After much uproar on Twitter and several news websites, Atwell clarified that she wasn’t being entirely serious. “Wow, one playful comment about playing the Doctor and the Internet goes nuts...,” she tweeted a few days later.

The role of the Doctor isn't available for a woman to pick up just yet. It seems like Peter Capaldi is going to stick around as the Time Lord for a while longer, but there will be an opening on “Doctor Who” at the end of Season 9. Jenna Coleman is leaving the role of Clara, so someone needs to serve as the new companion. However, both Abbington and Atwell are rather busy leading other shows. While Atwell films “Agent Carter” Season 2, Abbington is juggling multiple shows. Aside from filming “Sherlock” Season 4, she also is the lead in “Cuffs,” a cop drama that will premiere in the U.K. on BBC1 later this month (no U.S. release date has been announced yet).

“Doctor Who” Season 9 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. EDT on BBC America.