Bradley Cooper isn't giving away his Sexiest Man Alive title back to People Magazine anytime soon, but the actor sure thinks Ryan Gosling is the sexier one.

Cooper 36, recently dropped by The Graham Norton Show in London to promote the release of The Hangover Part II DVD. And boy, did the actor get grilled about his Sexiest Man Alive honor.

It's the worst. Well, it's just so awful, Cooper admitted to the studio audience and actress Jessica Biel, who was also a guest on the show.

I'm finally at an age, I'm 36 years old, where I really don't care about anything like that anymore, which is a wonderful thing. And then this happened, and then I started to realize just how not sexy I am . . . I swear to God. I have a lot of moments where I'll be like walking out, and I'll like open up the door and then I'll go, 'I could do that a lot sexier, that was not very sexy, that was not very sexy at all,' he said.

And then the other thing, which is so awful that I'm admitting this, but, the hell with it, because there was such a backlash to when they announced it . . . Ryan Gosling, who I love and I just did a movie with him, he's the greatest, but we're both in Paris this last week, and a friend of mine showed me photographs from the paparazzi, and when I say friend I mean me alone in my room looking at my computer . . .

And there's him walking around, and he literally looks like he's in a photo shoot, like he just came off the runway, with the pea coat is like this, with the scarf. And there are ones of me, and I literally look like the neighbor who never really comes out of his house, and when he does, it makes you think, 'Maybe he should just stay in. We don't know what he does in there.' So it's been interesting, Cooper said.

Since being named People's Sexiest Man Alive, Cooper has been taking the attention in stride, mainly sticking to jokes about himself.

Just last week, the Hangover star was in Paris, also to promote the new DVD.

I am not the sexiest man in the world, Cooper told Europe 1 radio in French. 

Released in May, The Hangover Part II went on to gross more than $581 million at the box office worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated comedy in movie history. Two years earlier, The Hangover made more than $467 million worldwide and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy).

Days after Cooper was named Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Gosling supporters held a short-lived protest outside People Magazine's New York offices, complete with Gosling masks and signs that read Ryan's abs are proof enough and Ryan was robbed.

Two-time Sexiest Man Alive title holder George Clooney also joked about being on Team Gosling.

He really wants it. He's been saying . . . the whole time we were on the set of 'Ides,' he was like, 'How did you pull that off?' so I called up Brad Pitt and we worked with him for weeks on the walk . . . we told him how to train . . . everything, Clooney told Extra in November.

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