Leaksters continue to release files that contain information about Apple’s iPhone 6s successor, the iPhone 7. The latest leak about the smartphone refers to paper documents that shows a schematic representation of the device and they appear to suggest that the iPhone 7 could come with LED flash on its front side, possibly as a companion to the front-facing 5-megapixel camera.

Just two hours ago, GSM Arena published a story about the leaked iPhone 7 diagram, stating that there is an entry there that pertains to “Strobe lens and LED” on the front side of the handset. What makes this entry interesting is because it is also found at the back of the device per the schematic representation of the iPhone 7’s rear.

The mobile news site then pointed out that the “LED” could either refer to LED flash which may have been added by Apple to enhance its selfie camera, or it could simply be referring to the screen of the device which is actually used to generate light when the user is taking a selfie snap using the front-facing camera. Such feature is present in the screens of the current predecessors of the iOS-running smartphone line.

Meanwhile, another newly leaked photo showing the display assembly of the iPhone 7 caught the attention of TechRadar, because it suggests the possibility that the home button of the upcoming handset will not be pressure sensitive. If true, this means that 3D Touch will only be limited to the device’s screen and will not be present in the home button.

While Apple has yet to confirm or deny the inclusion of a 3D Touch home button for its iPhone 7, the Cupertino giant has already confirmed that the handset is going to be the first in its smartphone line to not come with the universal 3.5mm headphone jack. Aside from removing the headphone jack however, the iPhone 7 will mostly be like the iPhone 6s, save for the transferred antenna lines that account for minor redesign.

For fans who are very pumped up in waiting for the iPhone 7 to arrive, it is now known which specific date the handset will be introduced. According to Forbes, Evan Blass has confirmed that the previously rumored launch date is true and that iPhone 7 will be debuting on Sept. 7, with Blass stating that the Cupertino giant really loves Wednesdays.