The ninth episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was much anticipated since Joseline Hernandez attempted to beat up Stevie J when she found out during a psychologist session that all three of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars attended on the last episode that he was still seeing Mimi Faust. Not to mention that Mama Dee made social media explode when she incorrectly spelled a curse word on national television. 

Stevie J wanted it to be known that he could have his cake and eat it too. In some demented way he had convinced himself that the mother of his children, Mimi Faust, and new business partner and lover, Joseline Hernandez, would assent to his being in a relationship with the both of them.

@_____khalyss commented, "Stevie J is stupid if he thinks he can keep Joseline AND Mimi. Like come on now, be a man and grow up. Keep one, or drop both."

But once Hernandez found out that Stevie J was essentially still with Mimi, Hernandez belted Stevie J with a few punches.

On the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" viewers seem to be having an issue with Erica Dixon's child's name. Though Dixon and Scrappy named their child Imani, they pronounce it "E-Money."

@Candy_Richards "It sound like Erica saying E money."

@_Nina_Colada_"I love how when Erica and scrappy say their child's name they pronounce it like E-money! Lmao! They can't even pronounce the name THEY gave!"

@TheSteffHarris "I think Vh1 needs sub titles for Erica, Scrappy and Joseline. Erica and Scrappy be calling their daughter Emani, E-Money."

But the pronounciation of their child's name isn't the only problem Dixon and Scrappy are having. Mama Dee doesn't like Dixon, even though she doesn't seem to have a very good reason.

Twitter users began to mock "Mama Dee" when she spelled "bitch" wrong.

@ImSimplyShana said, "B-I-C-T-H........ Sorry Mama Dee but it does not go in that order."

@Toss_MySalad posted, "Mama dee u need ta go back to school sweet heartstop spelling, an leave scrappy relationship alone & IN THAT ORDER!"

@bitesizemami tweeted, "Idk who's english is worse , Joseline or mama dee"

‏@CopyrightOnly_  added, "Mama Dee just proved why everyone needs to stay in school."

Mama Dee has been getting in the middle of Dixon and Scrappy's relationship, but after she proved that she can't spell bitch correctly it looks like the joke's on her.

Viewers of the show are not fans of Karlie and Benzino. He met her a few episodes ago, and their head-over-heels puppy love is coming off as phony to viewers.

@iKissedDiggy_ posted, "TF! How Karlie And Benzino "In Love" Last Time I Checked They Met 3 Episodes Ago -__-"

@Brigiteee tweeted, "I cant take Karlie and Benzino seriously.. He met her three episodes ago and here he is about to propose to her..."

What do you think about the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?" Should Mama Dee keep her mouth shut from now on?