Rumors are still swirling that there is love between actress Sandra Bullock and her good friend actor Ryan Reynolds and that she would drop everything to marry him.

The Inquisitr is reporting that Bullocks has begged Reynolds to marry her. The Web site notes that Star reported that both Bullock and Reynolds became really close while filming their movie The Proposal and have been very good friends ever since.

But the Web site is also reporting that an inside source told Star Magazine that Bullocks reportedly want more from Reynolds, maybe even marriage. Here is what the Inquisitr quoted the source as telling Star:

Sandra's still so hung up on Ryan, I think she'd drop everything at a moment's notice to be his wife if her dream somehow came true and he popped the question.

But Bullock and her rep have said that Star's report is false, the Web site reports.

In fact, Bullock and Reynolds have been good friends for some time now and were both there for each other when their marriages went sour.