All Katie needed to say was, Daddy's home. Like a switch went off in his brain, the young boxer named Chuck leapt out of the back of Katie's parked SUV and ran to his best friend Nick, who had just returned home to Germany after serving eight months in Afghanistan.

For a solid minute, Chuck can't control himself. He leaps all over Nick, letting out brief gasps of excitement. His tail never stops wagging as he jumps all over his owner, licking his face in joy.

The video, which was only uploaded on March 22, has amassed more than 1.6 million views in a little over a week, as well as 9,500+ likes.

That's how my dog acts every day I come home from work! said YouTube user Timbo24355. Dogs truly are a man's best friend! Welcome home Soldier and THANK YOU!

The top-voted comment so far reads, Thumbs u[p] if your leaning on your left elbow. :-)

The joy of Chuck seeing his owner for the first time in eight months has brought out the emotions of other pet owners on YouTube.

Amazing, said a comment by YouTube user Karen Slight. Made me cry as I lost my beautiful boxer Frankie in Jan at the grand old age of 12. Miss him every day. Love this video.

LOL! This has to be the most heartwarming video EVER! said YouTube user tetekristin. My dog haven't seen my boyfriend in about 3 months, and when he came home [and] he told [him] 'Who's my baby boy?', he went crazy! Jumping, crying, running in circles! It's cut how dogs miss people too!

Watch the video below.