The Dollar Shave Club wants to save razor users a lot of money.

This week, the California start-up company launched its membership-only Web site, along with an introductory video starring Dollar Shave Club co-founder Michael Dubin.

Are the blades any good? They're f--king great, Dubin says, as he takes viewers through the company's factory.

He goes on to claim the stainless steel blades on each razor are so gentle a toddler could use it.

While it's too early to tell if Dubin is right when it comes to saving money, razors are not cheap these days.

A quick search on Amazon finds razors selling for as much as $169 (The Art of Shaving Handcrafted Shaving Razor) and as little as $1.99 (Schick Hydro Silk for Women Razor). And that's before shipping.

Dollar Shave Club has three types of razor plans, each going for $1, $6 and $9 per month. The more you pay, the more blades you get (with the $9 Executive promising six-blade action).

For a very long time people have been flummoxed by the price of brand-name razors, so they hang on to their blades for longer than they should and milk their blades . . . you should change your blade once a week, and with the Dollar Shave Club you're going to be able to do that, Dubin recently told the LA Times.

The buzz surrounding Dollar Shave Club is no accident. According to the LA Times, the company is the fifth to launch out of My Space CEO Mike Jones' tech studio Science, which itself only launched in November.

But still, how is Dollar Shave Club making profit with all these supposedly high quality blades and low pricing plans?

$1 million in seeding money, courtesy of Kleiner and Forerunner Ventures, along with other investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Dennis Phelps and David Honig, Tech Crunch reports.

Scroll down to watch Michael Dubin talk about his Dollar Shave Club.

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