Manhattan prosecutors are likely to ask a judge on Tuesday to drop all or some charges in the sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Lawyers representing Nafissatou Diallo, Strauss-Kahn's accuser, said she has been asked to have a meeting with prosecutors on Monday, and they believe that's an indication that at least some of the charges the sexual assault charge, will be dropped.

Why would they need to see her if they were going forward? lawyer Kenneth Thompson told the Daily News on Saturday. He received a letter from the district attorney's office requesting the Monday afternoon meeting.

My interpretation of that letter is that they're going to announce that they're dismissing the case entirely, or some of the charges, Diallo's Thompson told the New York Times.

Diallo has alleged that Strauss-Kahn, a former head of the International Monetary Fund, or IMF, attempted to rape her after she went to clean his hotel suite at the Sofitel New York in May. But Strauss-Kahn has said the sexual encounter was consensual and has accused her of trying to extort money.

But whether all charges will be dropped is unclear. What is known though, is that Strauss-Kahn's lawyers in New York have have rejected any possibility of a plea deal in which the former IMF head would plead guilty to a minor offence and receive  a non-custodial sentence.

Should these charges be dismissed, Strauss-Kahn will be free to leave the U.S. and fly to France some three months after he was removed from an Air France flight in New York. A civil suit filed by Diallo is still pending.