Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA and will be forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, because of the recording of his racist comments. Now, the woman who released the tape appears to be in hot water.

The tape featured the Clippers’ owner talking to girlfriend V. Stiviano. According to TMZ, Stiviano is being investigated for extortion. The report claims that the woman has demanded Sterling pay her money in exchange for not releasing more recordings. Stiviano may have more than 100 hours of recorded conversations with Sterling.

In an interview with DuJour Magazine, Sterling indicted that Stiviano might have asked him for money. After his racist comments became national news, he told the publication, "I wish I had just paid her off."

Stiviano may have attempted to blackmail Sterling over illegal recordings. The police investigation is looking into whether or not Sterling consented to her recordings. If he did not, Stiviano could be in violation of California law.

While she wasn’t well known before the Sterling controversy, Stiviano has faced her fair share of legal troubles. TMZ reports that she’s been arrested four times since 2002. Not only has she been in jail multiple times, but the 31-year-old has used multiple aliases. In her first three arrests, she went by the name “Vanessa Marie Perez.” In her 2012 arrest, Stiviano was booked as “Monica Gallegos.”

Stiviano has been arrested for petty theft, possession of a controlled substance and DUI. Each time, she’s altered either her race or her height and weight.

Shelly Sterling, the wife of Donald Sterling, was reportedly contacted by a senior investigator for the Los Angeles district attorney, regarding Stiviano’s alleged extortion. She is currently involved in her own legal battle with Stiviano, suing her for money and property that the Clippers’ owner bought for his girlfriend.