Republican nominee Donald Trump is set to host a rally Thursday in the city of Delaware, Ohio, just hours after what many political observers thought was yet another disappointing debate performance. With just 19 days until Election Day, the GOP nominee needs to make up ground on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and do so quickly. 

Trump will look to win over voters in Ohio with his speech Thursday in Delaware. The Buckeye State is likely a must-win for the GOP nominee if he wants a realistic path to the 270 electoral votes needed to win on Election Day. Recent polls in Ohio have shown a tight race, with either Clinton or Trump leading by just a couple of percentage points. The rally is expected to begin at about 12:30 p.m. EDT and can be streamed here, or simply watch the video feed embedded below. 

If post-debate polls are any indication, Trump's performance in the third and final debate Wednesday night in Las Vegas likely did little to reassure the undecided voters he needs to win over to make it to the White House. A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers found 52 percent thought Clinton won, compared with just 39 percent for Trump. A YouGov survey of registered voters had similar results, finding 49 percent thought the Democratic nominee won, compared to 39 percent for Trump. Nearly 70 percent of respondents in that poll said the candidates should commit to accepting the results of the election, something the GOP nominee controversially declined to do on the debate stage. 

"I will look at it [the outcome] at the time. I'm not looking at anything now," Trump said Wednesday night. Fox News' Chris Wallace, who moderated the event, further pressed the GOP nominee, who has repeatedly claimed in recent days that the election is rigged against him. "What I'm saying now is I will tell you at the time. I will keep you in suspense, OK?" Trump responded.

Clinton responded that this was a "horrifying" statement and a number of folks have pointed out that accepting the election's results is a fundamental part of the U.S.' democracy. 

Trump's comments on the matter became the major talking point of the night, something that will likely not help him in the polls. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has Clinton up 6 points in a four-way national race. The polls-only election forecast from data-driven website FiveThirtyEight gave Clinton an about 87 percent chance of winning the election early Thursday. Rasmussen Reports, which has consistently leaned toward Trump when compared to other polling firms, did find Thursday that the GOP nominee led Clinton by 3 points.