When GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign decided to offer 20,000 free tickets for an event Thursday evening in Burlington, Vermont, they were probably hoping for a packed crowd. Instead, if supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have their way, it might be a lonely evening for the Republican presidential candidate, who has maintained an uncontested lead in Republican primary national polls for months.

Some of Sanders’ supporters have taken to Facebook with ambitions to foil the event by reserving tickets and not actually showing up. If successful, Trump could "feel the Bern" Thursday night, the Hill reported.

"So I just reserved two tickets for Donald Trump to speak in Burlington, Vermont, the adopted home of Bernie Sanders,” one individual wrote on Facebook, encouraging others to do the same. “No, I have not converted to a racist bigot; I am just assuring that there are now going to be two empty seats.”

The post had more than 370 shares, and one fan of the idea suggested taking it a step further: “You are brilliant. Just reserved two tickets and shared and hope all my friends do the same. Please also consider ‘buying out’ the Claremont, NH [sic], rally, as a lack of interest and support there would be a big indicator to the nation.”

Actually thwarting the event might be difficult for the Sanders’ supporters, however, as the event has been overbooked, and admission will reportedly be based on a first come, first serve basis. Officials in Burlington have expressed concern with Trump’s plan to offer 20,000 free tickets for the evening, given that the venue is meant to hold just 1,400 people at most.

“Massive crowd in VT tonight. Venue not big enough. Officials say NO to outside event and sound system. Arrive early," Trump tweeted Thursday.

Vermont is the home state of Sanders, where he was elected as an independent senator. Sanders recently placed second in a national poll of Democratic voters, with 33.1 percent, behind the front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump has maintained a steady lead in the Republican presidential race.