The Mets go to the pen to bring in a reliever, and it's... Donald Trump.

Apparently Trump, the man known for being rich more than anything else, is interested in throwing some cash over to his friends, the Wilpon family, to relieve them of their financial burdens.

The Wilpons are being sued for about $1 billion thanks to good ol' Bernie Madoff.

Fred's [Wilpon] been a real friend of mine, Trump told FORBES. I called Fred and said that for if for any reason you need help I'm there.

Trump wants a majority stake of the team should he make a deal with the Mets' owners. But more than likely, this is just a way for Trump to get his name in the papers. He likely has no interest in owning the Mets, and even less interest in running for president.

Mets fans may want The Donald to tell pitcher Oliver Perez, You're fired!