Business mogul Donald Trump has some harsh words for President Obama, China, and a whole slew of others in his book Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again. Here are seven major points.

President Obama

Trump has critized the president for what he perceives as a weak-willed approach to foreign policy. For example, he accused Obama of practicing pretty please diplomacy with China.

In the chapter titled Strengthen American Muscle, Trump wrote the following: Americans have been too busy fighting the ravages of the Obama economy to notice what a colossal disaster the community organizer has been as our commander in chief. The damage Obama has done to our military and to our standing in the world can only be repaired by electing a new president, one who respects our men and women in uniform and pursues a national security doctrine that puts America first.

Foreign students

Trump addressed the idea of retaining foreign students: Our country's leaders are just so plain stupid. As an example, foreign students come over to our colleges, learn everything there is to learn about physics, finance, mathematics, and computers, and graduate with honors. They would love to stay in this country, but we don't allow them to. We immediately ship them back to their country to use all of the knowledge they learned at the best colleges in the United States back in their country rather than keep it here in ours. When we have gifted people in this country we should cherish them and let them stay.

Drug testing for welfare

Trump hailed Florida's requirement that welfare recipients submit to a drug test: Look, millions of employees have to get drug tested for their jobs. Do they make a big stink about it? No. It's only smart. But leave it to the know-nothings at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to whine and cry about a requirement that millions of hard-working taxpayers go through year in and year out.

He later added,This common sense approach should be a no-brainer. It's insane to ask taxpayers to foot the bill for some junkie's drug habit when America is already $15 trillion in the hole and many Americans are fighting to survive in the Obama economy. Bottom line: you do drugs, no welfare check.

U.S. oil resources

Trump mocked Obama for putting tighter clamps on domestic drilling after the BP oil spill. That showed no leadership at all, Trump wrote. What it showed was that the Obama administration is driven more by hysteria than facts.

Take the oil, sue OPEC, and drill domestically, he continued. If we do these three big things, we'll be on the right track to rebuild American strength, wealth, jobs, and opportunity.

Illegal immigration

Trump advocated selective immigration, carefully deciding who enters the U.S. and who doesn't: I'd guess just about every poor person in the world wants to come here. Who wouldn't want to come to the greatest nation on earth? But that obviously is crazy. What is not crazy is having an immigration policy where we decide which potential immigrants are entitled to citizenship, where we choose the best and most productive people who want to come here for that honor. We should not let ourselves become the dumping ground for other countries' undesirables.


Trump derided Obamacare, the pejoratiove term he and other opponenents use to describe the president's healthcare policy. The proper way to bring the cost of health-care down is to make insurance companies compete nationally and get defensive medicine under control through serious tort reform that includes loser pays provisions, Trump wrote. We need a president who will get tough and repeal Obamacare on day one.

GOP presidential hopefuls

Trump had something to say about some of the major contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, including Sarah Palin, who was presumably still musing the idea of running for president as the book was going to print, and Herman Cain, who suspended his campaign in early December.    

Trump described Michele Bachmann as a real worker bee and Rick Perry as a good and personable guy, much different from what you see in the debates. He wrote that Jon Huntsman can't and won't win the 2012 election. He also addressed accusations of Romney's changing attitude on certain issues: Smart people learn things, so they change their minds. Only stupid people never change their minds.

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