The Donald is on a roll. A week of frenetic attack on President Barack Obama has earned Donald Trump the second spot in a list of possible Republican presidential candidates in 2012.

And, according to a Gallup poll released on Thursday, Trump was seen favorably by 43 percent of poll respondents who were asked if he would make for an agreeable presidential candidate.

The billionaire businessman, who is also a confessed Tea Party follower, got 17 percent of votes in the new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. He trails leading presidential aspirant Mitt Romney, who has garnered 21 percent of votes. Mike Huckabee shares the second spot with Trump.

Trump recently hogged media limelight by persistently attacking President Obama, saying he still doubted whether the president was born in the United States. He also said he is dispatching a team of investigators to Hawaii to find out the truth about the president's place of birth.

It's very simple... I want to see the birth certificate. How come his own family doesn't know which hospital he was born in? Trump asked. Trump has ripped apart the expansionary government policies and what he terms as the administration’s flawed foreign policy.

“We go to Afghanistan, we build a road, we build a school. Two days later they blow up the road, they blow up the school and we start rebuilding. In the meantime, we can’t even build schools in Alabama, New Orleans, Texas, and New York,” he said in an interview with the Today show.