Donald Trump may like to criticize Hillary Clinton for her family’s acceptance of donations from foreign governments while serving as secretary of state but a Saudi prince is alleging that the Republican front-runner has taken foreign money himself to get out of tight binds.

Prince Al-Waheed Bin Talal told Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper that he has helped save Trump from bankruptcy twice and described the  real-estate mogul as a “bad and ungrateful person,” according to a report Thursday. Bin Talal said he helped his fellow billionaire out by buying assets Trump could no longer afford.

Among the properties Bin Talal said he acquired: A yacht that Trump used near Turkish shores and Trump hotels. The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Bin Talal has been open about his opposition to a Trump candidacy, and earlier this year called on the presidential candidate to withdraw from the race and described him as a disgrace to the GOP, according to the Middle East Monitor.

The report comes after emails surfaced earlier this week showing that Clinton, while secretary of state, had taken meetings from major donors to her family’s philanthropic foundation. Those donors included the Saudi Arabian government and Bahrain, among others.

Those revelations are the most recent of headaches for Clinton’s campaign. Her use of a private email server while at the State Department has dogged her for over a year as she attempts to win the presidency and the issue has been a major talking point for House Republicans and the GOP in general as they look to dismantle her bid. A private email server, the reasoning goes, would make it difficult for Freedom of Information Act requests to be fulfilled since Clinton’s emails wouldn’t be in the custody of the federal government.

Clinton has said the email server was a mistake but contends that she did not send or receive classified information through the server.