Even the Academy Awards ceremony isn’t immune to the Botox culture of Hollywood. This year, the famous trophy presentation is getting a pseudofacelift of its own.

Don’t call the show that’s airing on ABC Sunday at 8 p.m. EST the Academy Awards: The 85th annual event organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, or Ampas, to recognize excellence in cinema has been given an edgier, more youthful name.

"We're rebranding it," Oscars ceremony co-producer Neil Meron told TheWrap. "We're not calling it 'the 85th annual Academy Awards,' which keeps it mired somewhat in a musty way. It's called 'The Oscars.'"

Ampas is attempting to appeal to a younger generation this year, as when it engaged James Franco and Anne Hathaway to co-host the Oscars presentation in 2011.

Many considered their Oscars duet to be a failure, so Ampas hired Oscars veteran Billy Crystal to host the show last year. Unfortunately, Ampas' attempt to please the masses again failed, with 2012’s event being deemed old-fashioned.

Ampas representative Teni Melidonian addressed the rebranding issue, telling TheWrap: "It is right for this show, but we could easily go back to using 'Academy Awards' next year. We'll begin considering next year's marketing campaign in the spring."

In line with the contemporary approach adopted for the ceremony this year, it is going to be hosted by Seth MacFarlane, creator and star of the animated television series “Family Guy.”

Ampas officially began referring to the trophy as an Oscar in 1939, the Telegraph wrote, with the origin of the name being unclear. One story has it that Bette Davis named the award after her first husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson; another has it that the academy's executive secretary named the trophy after her cousin Oscar in 1931.

Do you think rebranding the show “The Oscars” will help attract a younger audience’s attention?