“Doom” is coming and it is all thanks to game developer Bethesda. After years of hearing news about “Doom 4” and its eventual cancellation, the game developer has decided to release an incredibly brief trailer for the 2015 “Doom” reboot. The trailer from Bethesda is incredibly short, showing about three seconds of actual gameplay, but Bethesda also gave fans hope by the end of the trailer, as more info will be released later this year.

Most hardcore gamers know that “Doom” is a legendary first-person shooter franchise and helped make the FPS game genre as popular as it is today. The last official game in the series was “Doom 3,” which got a re-release a few years ago called “Doom 3: BFG Edition,” which came with all three “Doom” games.

The game seemed to disappear from the public consensus before it was mentioned as pre-order hype for the new “Wolfenstein” game in 2014. Players who pre-ordered “Wolfenstein: The New Order” would be given access to the “Doom” beta test, which hasn’t happened yet.

Before it was decided to reboot the series, there were originally plans to continue the numbering of the series and release a “Doom 4” game. According to Gamespot, there were originally plans for a fourth game in the series, but earlier versions of the possible game did not please Bethesda. The studio stated that it would be ready to talk about the game once it became satisfactory, but it seems like the developer has decided to reboot the game instead.

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DOOM - E3 Teaser Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Gamespot)