Here's what you should know about Dottie Sandusky, who finds herself near the center of the media circus surrounding the trial of her infamous husband, alleged child molester and former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

The trial of Jerry Sandusky is one of the highest-profile cases in America presently, but the defendent himself is not the only person who is finding himself in the glare of the media as his wife, Dorothy Dottie Sandusky, is also becoming the focus of much press attention.

The real victims of the Sandusky saga are his alleged victims, who have taken to the stand repeatedly in recent days to tell harrowing tales of alleged sexual encounters with Jerry Sandusky, replete with all range of sordid and lewd details.

Jerry Sandusky has been charged with a total of 51 crimes related to 10 alleged sexual assault victims over the course of 15 years. He met many young men during a football camp he held for youths on the Penn State campus, where he allegedly committed sexual assaults in locations including the showers in the mens' football team's locker room.

But Dottie Sandusky surely never imagined she would find herself in the spotlight as well, and her story is an interesting one.

Here are five things you should know about Dottie Sandusky:

1. She is testifying on her husband's behalf: On Tuesday, Dorothy Sandusky came to her husband's defense on the witness stand, testifying that she can recall most of the men who have come forward to lodge accusations against her husband during his trial in Pennsylvania, but she maintains that he never sexually abused any of them when they were children, according to ESPN. She also took issue with the assertion by one of Jerry Sandusky's accusers that his basement was soundproof, and that was why no one could hear him screaming during an alleged sexual assault, ESPN said. Dottie Sandusky also told the courtroom that she did not walk in on her husband and a young boy engaged in oral sex, contrary to testimony offered by one of her husband's alleged victims, ESPN reported.

2. She has acted to help Jerry Sandusky in other ways: Dottie Sandusky has not been a passive observer in this case, taking steps beyond testifying in Jerry Sandusky's defense. She has not backed down from his side: She went with him to court, posted bail on his behalf, and released a statement late last year saying he was innocent, and that he was the victim of his accusers' lies. And it appears that she will continue to stand by her man, as evidenced by her willingness to face the scrutiny that comes with testifying on behalf of a nationally-reviled alleged child molester who allegedly took advantage of his position of power within a big college football organization to sexually abuse young boys.

3. She says she knows some of her husband's accusers: Dorothy Sandusky, who maintains that her husband is being framed by the men who claim that he abused them when they were children, has told the courtroom during her testimony that she knew some of those men when they were younger. She said that some of the boys were clingy with her husband, while she declared another one to be charming. She also said one or more of his victims was demanding, according to CBS News. Disturbingly, she confirmed that a majority of them stayed overnight in the Sandusky home, ESPN reports, and that her husband would tell them good night. These assertions by one of the closest people to Jerry Sandusky back up some of the key facts in the case against the former assistant football coach at Penn State.

4. She has been demeaning toward at least one of her husband's accusers: On Tuesday, Dottie Sandusky went so far as to practically ridicule at least one of her 68-year-old husband's alleged sexual abuse victims, though she has also admitted that she can not come up with a reason for why the men would lie about being allegedly abused by her husband years after the fact. Dottie Sandusky told the courtroom that alleged Jerry Sandusky victim #1 was demanding and conniving, and she said that another of his alleged victims was very clingy, according to the Daily Beast. She also told a story about her husband being angry with a young football player for not attending a luncheon, saying that he was yelling. I know Jerry was mad the way he looked, the Daily Beast reported.

5. She was present at times when some accusers say they were allegedly attacked: Dottie Sandusky said Tuesday that she was in the home numerous times when young boys would spend the night at her and her husband's Pennsylvania home, according to The website goes on to report that she testified that her husband never entered the basement while boys were sleeping there in order to tell them good night, and that she did not fall asleep before him on such occasions.