“Downton Abbey” ended in March, but the series finale just left fans wanting more. Rumors have been circulating that the PBS period drama will become a movie, and one of the show’s biggest stars hinted that she is ready to return.

Michelle Dockery told the Telegraph that she is willing to reprise her role as Lady Mary. “I think there is potential for a film,” the 34-year-old actress said. “That is something I would wholeheartedly consider, so we will see. It may not be over yet.”

A film version of the successful show has not been confirmed, but creator Julian Fellowes has always been very optimistic about the possibility of a movie. In May, he noted that he was ready for the challenge of writing a “Downton” script for the big screen.

“I hope there will be a film,” Fellowes told IndieWire. “There is an audience for a film. I’d structure a narrative with lots of things happening, but we would need a kind of unity to make a feature, which is a challenge for me. It would be a bigger canvas: a riot could be a real riot, the ball a real ball. I would like that, I think it would be fun. But there’s a time and then everyone’s moved on.”

However, “Downton Abbey” had a massive cast. It’ll take more than just Lady Mary to open up the doors to Downton again. This is what Dockery’s former cast mates have said about a film version of the hit show:

Hugh Bonneville: The Crawley family patriarch would happily reunite with his onscreen daughter. “I don’t see why not,” Bonneville told ITV in April. “There’s certainly talk of it. I think the main problem is going to be getting us all together. It’s like herding cats. But there is a great affection between us and for the creative team. So I think where there’s a will there’s a way. I would love it and I know many others would as well.

Joanne Froggatt: Audiences would likely get to see how Anna handles motherhood in the movie too. “I think there’s every chance we may do a movie at some point,” Froggatt told CNN earlier this month. “We don’t know for sure yet. But there’s definitely lots of talk about it.”

Allen Leech: Though he temporarily left for the beginning of the final season, it sounds like Tom would be in the film. “I think a lot of the cast will be up for coming back for a one-off, so we’ll just have to wait and see,” Leech told People in January.

Laura Carmichael: Lady Edith would also return, and she expects to have much of the original cast with her. “Everyone will be up for it because we’re missing each other. It would be lovely,” she said to the Daily Mail in April.

Jim Carter: The Carson actor shares Carmichael’s thoughts on a film. “I think we’d all love it,” he told the Independent in April. “I think the script is being worked on. If it happens, that’d be great. Everybody wants a film and I’m sure we’d all be happy to do it.”

Phyllis Logan: Of course, Mr. Carson’s wife, Mrs. Hughes, would still be by his side. “I think it’d be wonderful,” Logan told Express last year when asked about a “Downton Abbey” film. “For one, it would look absolutely gorgeous on the big screen. I think you would have to put the characters in a new situation, though; you couldn’t just pick up where you left off.”

Penelope Wilton: Isobel would be back as well, but the actress is aware that her character can’t be around if the time jump were too big. “There might be a film coming up next year,” Wilton told Vanity Fair last month. “It’ll be very interesting to see what period it goes into. I think it will be 1926, and they can’t go too far forward because then my character would be dead. So I think it would be 1926, which would be the year of the general strike in England. There was a lot of unrest, so that will be a very interesting period.”

While the above stars are ready to dive into a “Downton Abbey” film, a couple of actors are a little more apprehensive. While most haven’t completely ruled out starring in a film version, they are waiting until they have more information before making any promises.

Maggie Smith: It seems the actress is ready for the Dowager Countess to die. “I can’t. What age would she be?” she said on “The Graham Norton Show” (via the Telegraph) last year. However, just a few months earlier, she had said a movie “would be fun.” It seems like she might be able to be convinced to return.

Elizabeth McGovern: The Cora actress wouldn’t outright say no to the idea, but she implied that “Downton” might be better off as just a TV show. “I would certainly say show me the script,” she told The Sun in January. “In theory I really think things are meant to be for specific mediums.”

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